A Long-standing Historical Legend

Pien Tze Huang is exclusively produced by Zhangzhou PienTzeHuang Pharmaceutical .Ltd. and its legendary history is always on the lips of countless people.According to research, in the late Ming Dynasty, a royal physician couldn’t tolerate the tyranny of the imperial court and fled away to Zhangzhou with the secret recipe of Pien Tze Huang. He lived in seclusion in the Pu-Shan Yan Temple and shaved his head to become a monk. Based on the imperial secret recipe, the former physician used precious Chinese medicinal materials to make pill lozenges, including first-rate musk, calculus bovis, pseudo-ginseng and snake bile, etc. The lozenges which were suitable for both internal and external application could specially treat heat toxin, swelling and pain. At that time, there were many sick people nearby; the monk promoted the above-mentioned medicine and cured all the patients. Since then, the imperial secret prescription struck roots here. Back then, Pien Tze Huang lozenges were cut into slices for patients to take; only one slice each time could cure heat toxin, swelling and pain. Therefore, this medicine is known as “Pien Tze Huang” (“Tze” is a modal particle in South Fujian dialect; “Huang” means heat toxin, swelling and pain). For this reason, Pien Tze Huang is hailed as a “Buddhist Holy Medicine”. MORE >>

The monk later passed on the recipe and production techniques to the abbot on his deathbed and asked him to keep the recipe as a secret. Since then, Pien Tze Huang had been handed down from generation to generation within the temple as the treasure of the temple until the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Later, the temple gradually became dilapidated and finally collapsed; the last abbot resumed secular life and began to make and sell Pien Tze Huang in a tea house called XinYuan just outside the east gate of Zhangzhou. Thus Pien Tze Huang was introduced to the folk communities. Its unique curative effect was highly praised by everyone and worshiped as “the treasure of the house” by the south Fujian people. When locals paid visits to their elders and relatives, it was a habit for them to give Pien Tze Huang as a gift. What’s more, overseas Chinese introduced this medicine into the Southeast Asia and saved a lot of people’s lives. That’s why Pien Tze Huang enjoys a lofty status in the Southeast Asia and is known as an almighty medicine.

A Treasure Handed Down from Ancient Times with Excellent Efficacy

During the Vietnam War, westerners were surprised to find that Pien Tze Huang could treat bullet wound, knife wound, malignant sore and toxic insect bites that antibiotics could not effectively cured. So the US army purchased Pien Tze Huang in large number as military material for soldiers fighting in the jungles. Since then this medicine has gained a reputation in the west. That’s also why China once banned the export of Pien Tze Huang.
When China established diplomatic relations with Japan in 1972, Pien Tze Huang was given to the former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka as a “national gift”. This aroused great concern among Japanese people. As the two countries had not yet established diplomatic relations, many Japanese people went to Hong Kong or entrusted others in Hong Kong to buy the medicine. Hong Kong once witnessed the scene of people queuing up to rush to buy Pien Tze Huang. MORE >>

In 1988, acute hepatitis outbroke in Shanghai and the neighboring provinces and cities ; Pien Tze Huang became very popular and hard to obtain due to its fast curative effectiveness and high recovery rate.On September 23, 2014, the Guidelines for Ebola Diagnosis issued by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine listed Pien Tze Huang as a recommended Chinese medicine. On October 11, 2014, the New Guidelines for Dengue Diagnosis and Treatment issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission listed Pien Tze Huang as a recommended Chinese medicine. In November 2015, the Clinical Trial Guideline for New Traditional Chinese Medicine Drugs in Cancer Treatment printed by the State Food and Drug Administration listed Pien Tze Huang as a classic cure for tumors. In recent years, due to its magic curative and protective effect for liver, Pien Tze Huang has become more and more popular at home and abroad. It is praised as ‘Chinese Special-effect Antibiotics’. In Indonesia, people use it for healing operative wounds and dengue; in Japan, it is used to cure and protect liver; in Thailand, it is used for treatment of diseases like tumors.Pien Tze Huang is known for its excellent therapeutic and health-care effects. In addition to the remarkable curative effects in treating hepatitis, tumor, elimination of unknown high fever and swelling toxin and promoting surgical incision healing, it also has the special functions of protecting liver, preventing drunkenness, clearing heat and maintaining beauty and keeping young. It can effectively eliminate the “dampness, heat, toxin and pathogen” in people’s body to eliminate pathogens, prevent diseases and protect health. In a word, Pien Tze Huang is a first choice for prevention and healthcare; it is favored by more and more medical experts and consumers.In recent years, the company has actively built many R&D platforms, such as the Fujian province academician specialist workstation, the post-doctoral scientific research workstation, the provincial key laboratory, the provincial enterprise technology center and the Fujian province traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise engineering and technological research center. It has also established a joint laboratory together with Hong Kong Baptist University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Beijing Forestry University and China Pharmaceutical University, etc. The secondary development and standardization construction of its main product Pien Tze Huang has gained the state's special support and successively obtained support from the National Sci-Tech Support Plan, the National “Major New Medicine Development” Major Science and Technology Project and the International Science and Technology Cooperation Project.To further promote the development of variety breed of Pien Tze Huang, the company has adopted top-level design of industry experts to carry out evidence-based research in regard of evidence-based medicine around two main areas: hepatic and gall diseases and tumor diseases. It focuses on gradually improving the evidence chain, expanding service extension and making Pien Tze Huang serve more people.

Benefit All People with An Everlasting Charm

Now, under the support of Party committees at all levels, government and people from all walks of life, PienTzeHuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has gone through six decades of glorious history; its economic and social benefits have achieved significant results.
Pien Tze Huang has won the National Gold Award several times and is one of the first medicines passing the Country-of-Origin Marking certificate. For many years, it has been ranking first on the export list of single item of traditional Chinese medicine. In 2014, Pien Tze Huang was the No.1 among the top 5 exported Traditional Chinese medicines. In 2015, it was on the list of top 10 member enterprises in the Traditional Chinese medicine industry. In a word, Pien Tze Huang enjoys a high reputation and sells well in domestic and overseas markets. It can be said that Pien Tze Huang can be found wherever there are Chinese people. Pien Tze Huang is a miracle among the valuable traditional Chinese medicines! MORE >>

The prescription and technology of Pien Tze Huang are classified as state secrets and have never been leaked to the outside world so far. This medicine is now under the first-grade state protection, which is the highest level for Chinese patent medicine protection. The registered trademark of Pien Tze Huang is recognized as a Well-known Trademark in China and becomes a particular case authorized by the country with the same drug name, brand name and stock name. This reflects the state's high regard for protecting the intellectual property rights of Pien Tze Huang.Five state ministries (including the State Forestry Bureau, State Food and Drug Administration and State Administration for Industry and Commerce) jointly issued an announcement in which it is stipulated that only a few of the traditional Chinese medicines (including Pien Tze Huang) can continue to use natural musk, and other Chinese medicines not included in the announcement are not allowed to use natural musk, which makes Pien Tze Huang much more precious. Since July 1, 2005, each pill of Pien Tze Huang shall be attached with a separately-numbered “Special Identification of Wildlife Operation and Utilization Management of China”. The production of Pien Tze Huang is limited to enable it to serve more people continuously.On December 25, 2016, The first law designed to revitalize traditional Chinese medicine - the Law of the People's Republic of China on Traditional Chinese Medicine (hereinafter referred to as Law on Traditional Chinese Medicine) was approved by the twenty-fifth session of the 12th National People's Congress; the law became came into force on July 1, 2017. According to the Law on Traditional Chinese Medicine, “traditional Chinese medicine knowledge holders have the right to pass on and utilize the traditional knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine; they have the right to decide issues on informed consent and benefit sharing in regard of others acquiring and utilizing the traditional Chinese medicine knowledge.” “The state shall carry out special protection for the traditional Chinese medicine prescription composition and productive technology which are legally recognized as state secrets”. This means that excellent TCM prescription processes will be given special protection.After more than half a century's efforts, the company has achieved great development and its brand value has been promoted rapidly. In 2014, it ranked among the top 500 most valuable brands in China with a brand value of 8.962 billion yuan, ranking 9th in the industry. In 2015 and 2016, it was on the Hurun Brand List and held No.7 in the medicine and health care products industry. What’s more, it was the No.1 liver and bile drug brand on the 2015 and 2016 Healthy Chinese Brand Lists. The brand name was seen on the list of China's top 500 brands in 2015 and 2016; the brand also won the honor of “2015-2016 the highest recommended brand” for liver protection in China’s drugstores. In 2016, at the site of “China Brand Value Evaluation Information Conference” in Beijing, 654 well-known brands were introduced; Pien Tze Huang ranked 3rd on the Chinese Time-honored Brand Value Ranking List with a brand value of 24.823 billion yuan! In the same year, on the China Economic Summit Forum, Chairman Liu Jianshun was awarded the title of “The 14th Session of China Economic Figure of 2016”.The imperial prescription of the Ming dynasty has been praised from generation to generation and benefited countless people. Today, this traditional Chinese medicine has become more famous. Pien Tze Huang will benefit more people with an everlasting charm. The Chinese time-honored brand Zhangzhou PienTzeHuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will surely make greater contribution to the health undertaking of mankind.
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