Unguentum Pien Tze Huang compositum Ointment
Unguentum Pien Tze Huang compositum Ointment
Second-class protected kind of Chinese medicines
First place of Fujian excellence new product of science and technology  production
Copper prize of Fortieth year Exposition of China Women and Children Thing

Please read the instruction carefully and use it according to the direction or buy and use it under chemist¡¯s suggestion.

[Medicine name]
Proprietary name: Unguentum Pien Tze Huang compositum Ointment
Chinese pronunciation£ºFufang Pianzaihuang Ruangao

[Ingredients] The power of Pien Tze Huang , Antivenom tablet

[Description] Light brown-yellow ointment, it has special oleaginous taste.

[Main functions and actions] Relieving internal heat, deleting toxin and eliminating pain. Used for viral or bacillary skin disease, such as zosters, herpes simplex, impetigo, folliculitis and acne etc.    

[Specification] 10 gram per tube/box .

[Usage and Dosage]External use only, daub on the affected part, 2~3 times daily.

[Adverse Reactions] Not known

[Contraindications] Not known

1.Smoke,alcohol,piguancy and fat food are forbidden.
2.Pregnant women should use with caution. 3.This medicine is for external use only and it should not be taken orally.
4.Stop using if part anaphylactoid reaction such as rash occur after used this medicine.
5. Go to see a doctor if toxic heat strictness with chill fever happens.
6.Don¡¯t stave or extrusion when part pathological changes occur.
7.It should not be used for patients who have anaphylatoid reaction with this medicine, and irritability corporeity should used with caution. 8.It should not be used when the character of this medicine has changed.
9.Children administered under the supervision by adults.
10.It should be kept out of reach of children.
11.If in process of using other medicine, please consult with a physician or chemist before use this medicine.

[Medicine reaction] If used other medicines at the same time, the medicine reaction may occur, please consult with physician or chemist the correlative detail.

[Storage] Preserve in tightly closed containers, stored in a cool and dry place
[Packing] Aluminum tube, 10 gram per tube.

[Period of Validity] Two years

[Approval number] State medical permitment number. Z35020234

[Manufactured] By Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical co ., Ltd.
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