Jin Mu Gan MaoTablet
Jin Mu Gan MaoTablet
Jinmu ganmao tablet is one of national OTC medicine(grade B),it¡¯s the  exclusive production of Zhangzhou PIEN TZE HUANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD 
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Green ,safety and small side effect
PIEN TZE HUANG -China famous trade mark,

Green and safety, better effect

Do please read the instruction carefully and use it according to the direction or buy and use it under chemist¡¯s suggestion.

[Medicine name]
Proprietary name: Jin Mu Gan MaoTablet
Chinese pronunciation: Jinmu Ganmao Pian

[Ingredients] Flos Loicerae , Radix Viticis Cannabifollae , Rhizoma Dryopteris Crassirhizomatis, Folium Et Ramulus Euodiae  Leptae , Herba Tadehagi Triquetri , Ramulus Et Foliummussaendae Pubescentis , Oleum Menthae .Starch is the accessories.

[Description] This medicine is the grayish-brown tablet; it tastes cool and slightly bitter.

[Functions and actions] Dredging wind and diaphoresis, antipyretic and relieving internal heat .It has the remarkable curative effects on cold, fever, foul chill, headache, cough, throat swelling and pain.

[Specification] 0.5 gram per tablet

[Dosage and Administration] Orally, four tablets a time, three times a day

[Adverse Reactions] Not known

[Contraindications] Not known

1.Smoke, alcohol, piquancy ,crude and fatness are forbidden.
2.Do not use the restorative patent medicine at one time when use this medicine. 3.It¡¯s not suit anemofrigid cold like fever with chilliness, low fever, adiaphoresis, snuffle,  run at the nose, not thirsty,  cough and thin sputum.
4.High blood pressure, cardiopathy, hepatitis, diabetes, nephropathy and other chronic should use under doctor¡¯s instruct.
5.If the symptom haven¡¯t catabatic, aggravate symptom or new serious symptom like choking thorax appeared after used this medicine for three days, should stop using this medicine and go to see a doctor.
6.Children, pregnant women, the old and weak should use under doctor¡¯s instruct.
7. Deficiency cold of the spleen, patients have the symptom like bellyache, happy warm or diarrhea must use with cautious.
8.It is not suitable for the patient who has anaphylatoid reaction with this medicine, and irritability corporeity should use with caution. 9. It should not be used when the character of this medicine has changed.
10.Children should be administered under the supervision of adult.
11. It should be kept out of reach of children.
12.If in process of using other medicine, please consulted physician or chemist before use this medicine.

[Medicine reaction] If used other medicines at the same time, the medicine reaction may appear, please consult with physician or chemist the correlative detail.

[Storage] Preserve in tightly closed containers.

[Packing]Aluminum and plastic composite packing,0.5 gram¡Á12 pieces¡Á2 sheets/boxes

[Period of Validity] Three years

[Approval number] State medical permitment number. Z35020231

[Manufactured] By Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical co ., Ltd.

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