Xiao¡¯er Zhike Syrup
Xiao¡¯er Zhike Syrup
Do please read the instruction carefully and use it according to the direction or buy and use it by chemist¡¯s suggestion.

[Medicine name]
Proprietary name:Xiao¡¯er Zhike Syrup
Chinese pronunciation£ºXiao'er  Zhike  Tangjiang

[Ingredients]Licorice Liquid Extract 、 Platycodonis Liquid Extract , NH4CL, Oleum Citri tincture . Auxiliarymaterial is Sucrose and Sodium Benzoate.

[Description] Translucence brown-red viscous and dense liquid, it smells fragrant and tastes sweet.
[Main Functions &Indications] Eliminating phlegm andrelieving cough. Used for coughs caused from cold in children.

[Specifications] 100ml/bottle.

[Usage & Dosage] Take orally 5ml per time atthe age of 2-5, children take decrease by degrees follow circumstance under 2.Children of 5 and upwards take 3-4 times per day with 5-10 ml each time.

[Adverse Reactions] Not known

[Contraindications] The patients who hepatic insufficiency, renal inadequacy or drepanocytic anaemia are forbidden

1. Piquancy, crude, cold foods are forbidden.
2. High blood pressure, cardiopathy£¬ nephropathy, edema and other chronic patient should used with cautious. 3. If the symptoms haven¡¯t been catabatic after used this medicine for 3 days, should go to see a doctor.
4. This medicine is not suitable for long-term use. 5. It should not be used in a patient who has anaphylatoid reaction with this medicine, and irritability corporeity should be used with caution.
6. Children should be administered under the supervision of adult.
7. It should be kept out of reach of children.
8 If in process of using other medicine, please consult physician or chemist before use this medicine.

[Medicine reaction] If used other medicines at the same time, the medicine reaction may occur, please consult physician or chemist the correlative detail.

[Storage] Avoid sun¡¯s rays, preserve in tightly closed containers, stored in a cool place

[Package]plastic drug package,100ml/bottle/box.

[Period of Validity] 18 months

[Administer standard] National medicine standard YBZ03582006

[Approval number] State medical permitment number. Z20063226

[Manufactured] By Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical co ., Ltd.
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