Xinshubao Tablet
Xinshubao Tablet
National protected kind of Chinese medicines
Gold prize of  the first exposition of Middle-age person and old person thing 

Recommend by Fujian Consumer Council

[Medicine name]
Proprietary name:Xinshubao Tablet
Chinese pronunciation£ºXinshubao Pian

[Ingredients] Radix¡¡Salviae¡¡Miltiorrhizae, Fructus¡¡Crataegi , Radix Curcumae , Radix¡¡Acanthopanacis¡¡Senticosi , Radix Paeoniae Alba

[Description]This film coat tablet with brown inside, it tastes sour and a slight bitter.    

[Main functions &Indications] Invigorating the circulationof blood and reducing stasis, benefiting qi and relieving pain.Used for chest distressand angina pectoris resulting from coronary heart disease, deficiency of vitalenergy and blood stasis, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia andarteriosclerosis.

[Specification] 0.5 gram per tablet

[Usage & Dosage] take orally 2 times per daywith 1 or 2 pieces each time after dinner or as professionally prescribed.

[Adverse Reactions] Not known

[Contraindications] Not known

[Storage] Preserve in tightly closed containers

[Package] blister package.Net weight 0.5 g/piece × 6pieces/sheet× 2sheets/box.

[Period of Validity] Three years

[Approval number] State medical permitment number. Z35020241

[Manufactured] By Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical co ., Ltd.

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